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Based on development of active dye...

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Improving the success rate of dyeing is one of the most effective ways to reduce costs, especially the cost of water, electricity and gas and increase output. There are many factors affecting the success rate of reactive dyeing, such as the quality of the whole treatment of dyed fabrics, the water, the chemicals, the technological conditions and the dye itself.
Kekai (Pulcra) successfully developed a series of auxiliaries for active dyeing, represented by Osimol FTR. The former treatment began to be controlled to ensure that the dyeing energy was successful once.
Among them, the high efficiency pretreatment assistant Foryl TRD has strong complexing ability, good stability, good degassing, good wettability, strong extraction ability, high whiteness and uniform, good wettability, low bubble, and favorable for environmental protection.
Osimol FTR reactive dyeing leveling agent is a multi effect additive with leveling, buffering, chelating, dispersing and anti wrinkle functions. It obviously improves the reproducibility of reactive dyestuffs, improves the solubility of reactive dyes, prevents the dye precipitation, slows down the fixation rate and prolongs the migration process of the dyes, and reduces the maximum treatment to the pre treatment. The negative effects of carbonate, alkali and surfactant on dyeing.
Locanit S-C reactive dyestuff soap lotion can obtain better dyeing and printing fastness of reactive dyes, improve the bright color of color, and effectively eliminate hard water precipitate; it is especially suitable for automatic metering equipment.
Stabifix FFC formaldehyde free fixing agent can improve wet contact fastness (water washing, water immersion, sweat stain and wet ironing fastness), improve the storage stability of reactive dyed fabric under hot and wet weather; no effect on color light; no influence on light fastness and Nai Lvpiao fastness; no influence on hand feeling and sewing performance.
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